Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

Stories About SONE and EXO-L

Sobss. sobss.. tumpang laluu. nak bersihkan blog aku yang berhabuk nii xD
Berapa lama dah aku tak update mahupun sentuh blog ni (erkk. boleh pulak sentuh) Nak kata busy, taklah busy tera mana pong.

 Ok, sebelum tu, mesti fans2 or kpoppers tengah sedih kaan ? Me tooo :( First, pasal Kris lawsuit. Sec, Sulli hiatus. Then, Jessica dipaksa keluar dari SNSD?! My fav girl band you alls ! iamSONE ! How can? How could? hmmmm... and now ? Aku on je twitter. terus terlopong bijik mata tengok hashtag #alwayssupportluhan he's trending with Kris. Luhan ..  Luhan keluar dari EXO. maigadd. i kennot. Masa first aku minat EXO, Luhan was my biased. Now my bias is Chanyeol. Iam Mrs. Park. Akekeke :( Who's next SM Ent ? Huwaaaa ><  Now.. I am YGstan (i think) I started loving 2NE1, Big Bang, Tablo, AKMU and all YGFamily xD


Hmmm. Masa EXO-L and SONE tengah bersedih. hashtag #ifChoiSiwonistheCEOofSM
really made me laughing. They also made this ualls 

 And... really. they take it serious guys.. see this ! occupations :

However.. for me, they always OT9 and OT12

I really love this pic >< 
There are many rumors about this issue. I will belive all the members. There are no betrayer !

 Ok Bye !